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Can a broken Tooth cause Ear pain?

Yes, a broken tooth can cause extreme pain in the ears. I saw a lot of patients who said they had ear pain and had been referred by an ENT doctor.

A broken tooth can cause excruciating pain, similar to an electric shock. It can start suddenly and then stop after a few minutes.

A toothache can refer pain to the ear, according to Sensodyne. A patient may have ear discomfort while suffering from a toothache.

According to the healthline, It is not necessary for every broken tooth to cause pain.

Do you feel pain when you touch or lightly press on your tooth? According to the sources mentioned, if the broken tooth is causing pain, your ear may also be in pain. However, if your broken tooth is not in pain, it indicates that you have an ear problem.

Why broken Tooth is causing Ear pain?

The nerves in the face are basically common. This is most likely the source of your ear pain.
Actually, when a broken tooth transmits pain signals to the brain, they go through the jaw, which is relatively close to the ear.

That is why we feel ear ache. It can be quite severe at times. In this scenario, you should see a dentist to ensure proper prevention.

How far can broken Tooth pain spread?

You must first locate your broken tooth. If your upper tooth is broken, you may feel pain on the upper side of your head, such as:

  1. Pain behind your eyes
  2. Behind your cheeks
  3. At the temple area, and so on.

According to Scotland’s national health information service (NHS), when a lower molar tooth is broken, the pain frequently seems like it is coming from the ear.

If your lower jaw tooth is broken, you may experience pain in your:

  1. Neck,
  2. Shoulders
  3. Ear

Now you realize that your ear pain is actually being caused by a broken tooth. The next step is to arrange a consultation with a dental expert for extensive treatments.

If you are experiencing severe pain in your tooth and your dentist appointment is running late. You can try these home remedies for temporary toothache relief at home.

Home remedies to stop tooth pain fast are:

  1. Clove and Olive oil
  2. Rinse with salt water
  3. Massage with an ice cube
  4. Take a painkiller
  5. Try to get some sleep with a head elevation
  6. Use a paste of fresh garlic or ginger
  7. Chew fresh guava leaves
  8. Use onion paste
  9. Apply Turmeric with cotton
  10. Juice of any Citrus fruit
  11. Apply peppermint leaves

For more detailed information on home remedies, click the button below.

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