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Can I Still Whiten my Teeth if I have a Dental Abscess?

The answer is absolutely “no.” If you have a tooth abscess, you shouldn’t use any whitening strips or chemicals. because you may be in discomfort and already have a bacterial infection.

I think you need to schedule a dental consultation first. It’s a terrible thing for me if you consider using whitening strips when suffering from a severe bacterial infection.

According to healthline, All teeth-whitening products we get from pharmacies can damage the tooth’s enamel.

As you may know, our teeth’s enamel is a protein-rich, extremely hard layer. And consider what might occur if the hard layer on the teeth is removed.

The enamel layer functions as a security guard. As a result of this layer’s damage, bacteria begin to thrive there and establish their colonies. And if bacteria have already made their way into the tooth, you should use whitening strips.

It is not recommended to use whitening strips, even if the tooth abscess is not painful. It’s a good idea to go to the dentist. Your dentist will then examine the tooth abscess and advise you based on the severity of the infection.

If your dentist allows you to use the strips, go ahead and put them on the tooth. However, be aware and pay attention to your dentist if your doctor disallows the use of any chemicals.

Since I practice dentistry, I can guarantee that your dentist will advise you to stop using any whitening strips until your teeth are healthy.

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Can I use whitening strips if I have a cavity?

Personally, I never advise my patients to use whitening strips, especially if they have cavities or an abscessed tooth.

It stands to reason that unhealthy teeth won’t be able to handle substances like chemicals.

Second, there is a very high probability that you could feel severe discomfort after placing whitening strips on the cavity-ridden tooth.

Can you have a tooth abscess that doesn’t hurt?

Yes, you could have a tooth infection without feeling any pain. Sometimes people are unaware that they have a tooth abscess. Because they do not experience tooth pain or sensitivity.

When you have an abscessed tooth, you may or may not experience pain. However, you should be aware that it is explosive.

It is not painful, but it can cause severe and unbearable pain at any time. Because your tooth became infected and the infection could spread. So, continue to visit the dentist for regular check-ups.

An X-ray may be used by the dentist to determine the depth of the infection. He will find the best way to treat your tooth abscess after an examination. 

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