Dental Cavity Risk Assessment Quiz (by Dr. Ahtsham)

This is a quiz that I created and reviewed to assess the risk of dental cavities. In case you’re new here, let me introduce myself as a professional dental surgeon.

I’ve compiled some reasons why most people are worried about their oral cavities and consult their dentist. And what are the most typical reasons for having a lot of cavities?

In order to improve the accuracy of this quiz tool, I will continuously review and update it. It is easy for normal people to check whether they actually have dental cavity issues or if they are overly concerned without any justification.


Total Questions are:

Your dental health is % cavity-free.

Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day?

Do you floss your teeth at least once a day?

Do you go to the dentist once every six months?

Do you eat a lot of sugary or acidic foods?

Have you noticed any tooth sensitivity or pain?

Have you noticed any visible holes or discoloration on your teeth?

Have you noticed any changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite?

Have you been experiencing bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth?

Have you noticed any swelling or tenderness in your gums?

Have you had any recent dental procedures or treatments?

Are you experiencing any complications or side effects from any medications you are currently taking?

Do you sleep less than 6 hours each day?

Do you smoke or Vape?

Are you currently experiencing any stress or anxiety?

Do you have a history of cavities?

Do you grind your teeth?

Is your mouth usually dry (not enough saliva)?

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Dr. Ahtsham

I am a dentist. I am working hard to keep this blog updated for those suffering from tooth pain. It is my goal to make this blog the source for all information regarding tooth pain. Feel free to contact me if you are suffering from toothache.

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