Wisdom Teeth

Do Wisdom Teeth Straighten Out?

Wisdom teeth are the third type of molars that typically appear between the ages of 17 and 25 during adolescence or early adulthood. Their appearance varies from person to person.

Sometimes, they are aligned or misaligned and cause pain and infection. They can be straightened out in different ways that will be discussed below.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are known as the third molar in the medical world and usually appear in late absence or early adulthood. They are known as evolutionary vestiges due to their apparent functionality.

These molars cause discomfort and pain in many individuals due to infection and misalignment. These are closest to the throat and are flatter than other teeth.

The Importance of Wisdom Teeth

Our ancestors used them to chew the leafy green, but in this modern era, their functionality is reduced because our foods have become more accessible to chew, and dental care and hygiene have improved.

When and How Do Wisdom Teeth Appear?

Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25, but their ages vary from person to person. Most adults have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth.

They don’t have enough space to come out correctly, causing problems like misalignment, infection, crowding, and impaction.

There are the following steps for their appearance:


In the early teenage years, wisdom teeth develop from the jaw bone. Their developmental process takes several years and then develops within the jaw at the specific age of the individual.

Eruption initiation:

At the age of 17 to 25 years, wisdom teeth begin to move upward on the surface of the gums, called the initial eruption of wisdom teeth.

Eruption through gums:

As the wisdom teeth continue to grow and come out through the gum’s surface, their outward movement is known as the eruption. This stage causes discomfort, pain, and sometimes mild swelling of the gums.

Alignment or misalignment:

When the wisdom teeth erupt from the gums, they may either be aligned properly or get misaligned. The misalignment occurs due to space issues, the angle of the eruption, or impactions.

Completion of eruption:

In the ideal way of completing an eruption, the Wisdom teeth are aligned and correct in their position and don’t cause any pain or complications.

But in most cases, it causes complications. Only ideal cases exist in very few individuals.

Monitoring and Extraction 

Regular checks and dental monitoring during the development of wisdom teeth are very important. In cases of misalignment or impaction, doctors recommend their extraction.

 Can Wisdom Teeth Start Out?

The term wisdom teeth straighten out means aligning or positioning the wisdom teeth when they erupt.

In some cases, they come out properly aligned and in the correct position with other molars and teeth of the mouth in the mouth, but in some instances, they must be straight and misaligned.

Factors causing the wisdom teeth to straighten out 

There are certain factors due to which wisdom teeth can straighten out properly and are aligned 

Initial positioning:

If the wisdom teeth appear and are slightly misaligned but have enough space to emerge, they may align when they erupt. The initial positioning determines whether the first line will be straight.

Jaw growth:

Sometimes, the jaw growth continues to expand as the wisdom teeth appear, allowing them to erupt correctly and straight in position.

Orthodontic treatment:

In recent cases, orthodontic treatment has been used when the wisdom teeth don’t come out properly and are misaligned.

In this dental treatment, the doctors recommend braces and aligners to straighten out the rest of the teeth.

Surgical Extraction:

When m teeth complications are stranger hastening out, it would be suitable for surgical extraction instead of straightening them.

Regular dental checkups:

Regular monitoring and checking can also play an essential role in teeth straightening because early issues can quickly be sorted out, and teeth will appear straight.

What Should I Expect if Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted Before Straightening Out?

If the doctors recommend extracting the wisdom teeth before the orthodontic treatment for their straightening out,

It may be one cause of the ease of anxiety you may feel during their alignment.

During the extraction process, they may apply the injection in your gums or sometimes give sedation medicine where you feel sensation and removal becomes easier.

If the wisdom teeth are impacted or infected, they will refer you to an oral surgeon for numbing or sedation treatment.

During the extraction, doctors use a small incision into your gums to separate the wisdom teeth from the bone.

They remove the whole tooth or pieces. They will disinfect the wound site and place a small gauze to stop bleeding.

What Will Occur if Wisdom Teeth Grow After Teeth Straightening?

In most cases, individuals are worried about orthodontic treatment for tooth alignment.

They are worried that straightening the teeth before the appearance of wisdom teeth may not affect wisdom tooth growth.

As far as orthodontic treatment is concerned, there are no worries about the misalignment of other teeth with the growth of wisdom teeth because they exert a small amount of force.

You can straighten out your teeth before the wisdom teeth appear because they are third molars and don’t interrupt your other teeth, especially canines and incisors.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed After Orthodontic Treatment?

When you are taking the orthodontic treatment and your doctors use the invisible Invisalign aligners or braces, they also consider and keep enough space for the wisdom teeth’s appearance.

Sometimes, they recommend removing the wisdom teeth before the orthodontic treatment.

 They recommend removal when your wisdom teeth are trapping the food and causing the infection and decay of the second molars. 

They are removed when a cyst forms near or within one of your wisdom teeth, causing pain and growing at the wrong angle.

Wisdom teeth are the third molar in the medical field and appear at 17-25 years old.

In most cases, they are straightened out and aligned correctly in their position, but in a few cases, they must be aligned. 

The wisdom teeth can be straightened with orthodontic treatment, proper checkup, initial positioning, and jaw growth. They can also be aligned with the use of braces or aligners.

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