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First Molar Extraction Pros and Cons

Many of us need tooth extraction due to various reasons. Tooth extraction is often needed when patients experience damaged teeth, overcrowding, and medical conditions.

Tooth extraction often causes pain and discomfort. Tooth extraction is better than you think.

So you can do this without any risk.

Tooth extraction is now painless due to better training and the use of improved equipment. Tooth extraction occurs due to infections and poor oral hygiene.

Types of tooth extraction

There are different types of tooth extraction, which include:

Simple tooth extraction

Simple tooth extraction involves the removal of teeth that have shown in the mouth. Dentists carry out this procedure by using a local anesthetic to reduce the pain faced by the patient.

Instruments to increase the affected tooth are needed, such as dental forceps. These are used to loosen the tooth and to grasp the tooth for its extraction.

Surgical tooth extraction:

Surgical tooth extraction is more complex than simple. Surgical extraction has been done on people who have premature teeth that have not yet appeared outside.

This procedure is performed by a dentist who makes a small incision in the gum.

In this case, it is important to make an incision to the connective tissues surrounding the tooth to gain admittance to it for extraction.

Simple extraction vs surgical extraction

Both types of tooth extractions help to reduce the pain and inflammation. Simple tooth extractions are preferred to surgical ones.

Simple tooth extraction occurs when a tooth is accessible. Surgical extraction will work for teeth that are not visible.

When Dentists Recommend Tooth Extractions

Children are supposed to lose primary teeth, which usually occurs around elementary age. The tooth comes out Until the permanent tooth below pushes through the gums.

Some children have problems that need a dentist to pull teeth before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. Most dentists recommend a tooth exaction as a last solution when other treatments do not work.

A quick extraction of a tooth can cause problems with child chewing and development.

If your dentist removes primary teeth as the result of decay, make sure they place a maintainer that allows permanent teeth to erupt.

The Pros of tooth extraction

The following are the pros of tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth that can lead to inflamed gums can also astonish the alignment of your teeth. Unhealthy teeth can lead to further complications down the road.

No one wants to engage in a painful procedure like a root canal.

The cons of tooth extraction

Tooth extraction removes the natural tooth, which can have downsides. The loss of the tooth changes the shape of the face. Even a minor tooth extraction can change the contours of the cheeks.

The missing teeth also leave a space that can cause the teeth to change. Missing teeth can also cause problems in speech.

There may be some changes in the way patients talk afterward. It is sometimes inconvenient.

Protects you against infections spreading

Benefits of the Tooth extraction

If tooth extraction is necessary, having an extraction can prevent the infection from escalating to the surrounding teeth.

Restores your smile

There is a chance to save your smile after having a tooth taken out with the help of restorative dentistry. Your teeth are designed to work together.

So, having one missing tooth can change the whole shape of the face. Dental implants, dental crowns, and dentures regain your smile after losing teeth.

Reasons for extraction

There are several reasons for tooth extraction.

Non Functioning teeth

To avoid possible complications that may result in a negative impact on oral health, your dentist may suggest you remove useless teeth.

Severe tooth damage

Some teeth have damage, and repair is not possible. Teeth affected by advanced gum disease may need to be pulled. Gum disease worsens the tooth supported by less surrounding bone.

Radiation and extra teeth

Head and neck radiation therapy may need extraction of teeth in the field of radiation to avoid complications like infection. Extra teeth may also block other teeth from erupting.

Organ transplant

Immunosuppressive medications prescribed after organ transplantation can enhance the likelihood of tooth infection. As such, some teeth need removal before an organ transplant.

The alternative to tooth extraction

There are many alternatives to extraction, but finding a dentist who supports tooth extraction is very necessary. If the tooth is due for extraction, the space is needed for orthodontic treatment.

Sometimes, tooth extraction is not important if the tooth can be treated with filling and root canal therapy.

An alternative to tooth extraction relies on the patient’s condition. The following are the best alternatives that you can discuss with your dentist.


An apicoectomy is required when inflammation continues following a root canal operation to save a tooth.

This less invasive treatment removes any diseased or inflamed tissue. A small filling seals the root canal, and a few stitches help the tissue heal. The bone recovers around the roots within months.

Dental implants

It is an artificial tooth root that has been inserted into your jaw to support a replacement tooth. Individuals who have lost a tooth due to advanced gum disease or an injury may be good candidates for dental implants.

The implant is made of materials that are safe for the human body. The implants are integrated into the bone to form a solid foundation for crowns.


It is important to understand that delaying treatment for an infected tooth is often risky. Leaving the disease untreated can spread another disease in the other teeth.

In some cases, infection may spread to other parts of the body. Delaying treatment should done only for a limited period.

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