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Is it possible to have 12 cavities?

Yes, you can have 12 cavities. I’ve seen patients with more than 12 cavities in my clinic. It is the result of laziness. Patients will come to me when they are in a bad situation.

When teeth are on the verge of falling out, most people realize how important they are. Keep in mind that the sensation is the first sign that your teeth are decaying.

So, if you experience a sensation while drinking a hot or cold beverage, you must go to the dentist and follow him.

Of course, if you get a regular checkup, you and your teeth will be fine. and you will be able to live a happy life. Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat your favorite foods, such as ice cream and spicy foods, etc.

What to do if you have 12 cavities?

When your dentist tells you that you have 12 or more cavities. First of all, you shouldn’t worry. Because stress is harmful to your oral health. Maintain a calm demeanor and review the status of all cavities with a dentist.

You could have several cavities without experiencing any pain. This is due to the fact that tooth pain is not always obvious.

All cavities did not send pain signals. If the cavity reaches the pulp, you may experience severe pain. If tooth pulp is safe, a large number of cavities will not cause pain.

If you are unhappy with your current dentist, look for another one. Once you’re satisfied, ask for the dental treatment schedule.

One day is insufficient to fill all 12 cavities. You need min 4 to 5 sittings. So, keep visiting the dentist until the last cavity. You should avoid hard chewing for at least one week.


If you are in excruciating pain and your dental appointment is unavailable. You might try these home remedies for dental pain relief.

Please don’t depend on home remedies. They all are short-term treatments. You should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

How many Cavities can you have at once?

Actually, there is no limit because I have seen 10, 15, 20, or a lot of cavities at once. It depends on the individual, his age, and his way of life.

It could happen to you that you met with someone who has 20 cavities but feels no pain. And you have less than his cavities and feel unbearable pain.

Yeah, you head right. It’s possible that his cavities won’t spread to the pulp. That is why he feels normal, even though he has cavities.

As a result, it is not a big deal to have a lot of cavities at once. But you may be in trouble if cavities infection reaches the pulp.

So, anyone can live a happy life with too many cavities until his tooth pulp is infection free.

Why do I get so many Cavities even though I Brush and Floss?

My patients ask me questions like these. Most people don’t know how to brush and floss, which is the main cause.

That is why food particles remain stuck between the teeth. It’s a good time for Bacteria to multiply and form colonies.

Click on the link if you want to know about both brushing and flossing. Start learning and applying it right away. I am confident you will never get another cavity.

How long does it take for a Cavity to go away?

No one can tell you when cavities go away. There are many reasons here like, first the dentist needs to see the exact condition of your cavity.
After the examination, your dentist can tell you the exact time.

As you know I’m a professional dental surgeon. Even I can’t give you an exact time. But I’ll share some signs with you so you can decide when your cavity will go away.

To begin, you should understand tooth demineralization and remineralization. Then you can determine how long it will take for your cavity to disappear.

In short, if bacteria reach the tooth’s soft inner core (the pulp), the cavity will not heal on its own. It is the last stage of tooth decay.

But, you are lucky if you detect the cavity in its initial stage. It is easy to treat this cavity with demineralization products.

I will share the youtube video below. You should watch it to know if the cavity goes away on its own to not.

Can Cavities Go Away on Their Own?

How much does it cost to fix 12 Cavities in the United States?

In general, the cost of filling a cavity ranges from about $100 to $300 or more per tooth. But the cost of treating 12 cavities can vary depending on many factors such as:

  1. Location of the dentist
  2. Location of the cavity
  3. How much your cavity is severe
  4. Type of treatment

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